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Just comment and I'll add you back, I'm pro-lurker, I swear. ♥

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Hi hi hi hi hi!
Don't leave me out in the cold? ;____;
I am glad that you are pro-lurker! :]

Hope you're having a good day!

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I am, thank you!

<333 happy lurking.
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yeah, not getting rid of me that easily. :P

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Pfft, why would I want to do that? *hugs you*

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I like lurking about?

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Carry on.

An another comes out of the woodwork...

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Hi, please add me too. I love to lurk in your journal and may even occasionally de-lurk.

Re: An another comes out of the woodwork...

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Done and done.

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Friend me plz cause I think you're great!

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:D thank you!

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I think that is my new favorite friends-only banner.

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\o/ I made it my own self!
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Hi! Add me? :)

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Oh dude, I thought I friended you ages ago. Sorry about that!

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ext_1650: (Frank/mikey1 ( crazybutsound))

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I'll just sit here and stare at your banner I think.


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hihi! add me please? :puppy eyes:

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Of course.

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Hi! I think you're awesome! I've really liked having you on my f-list for the last *waves hand* however long it has been (yeah, I really am that bad with marking the passage of time.) and I'd love to keep that going! Awesome friends are awesome! Much like Mikeyway.

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Let's do that then. Also &Mikey;

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Uhm, hi? hello :D
Total lurker here
Can I be added?

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Coming out of my lurkdom to ask nicely to be added, plz. :)))

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Sure thing.

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Remember to do the date out of order thingamabob to make this a sticky. ♥

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I'm pretty sure I did, but I should recheck. I suck at stuff like that.
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me! don't leave me! :(

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Aww, I already have you friended honey. I'm not DEfriending anyone.

i'm being banned?

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please don't make me stop lurking. i love your witty commentary and just general awesomeness.

please add? D:

Re: i'm being banned?

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You don't have to stop lurking. I promise. ♥

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heh. add me please?

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I think I already did? It says I already did.

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Add me, please? Thank you. RL has made me a lurker(for now).

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*waves* de-lurking to say 'friend me?'

I'm pretty much here for the bandom squee :)

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Okay well there will still definitely be bandom squee. So *friends*

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Hi, lurker here :)

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Hi! *friends*

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Hi! I was wondering where you'd gone, my flist has been decidedly... well not quiet (we ARE in bandom, after all), but something was def missing!

*wants to continue lurking*

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There you are, back in business.
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*de-lurks* Me too please?

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Sure. And hurrah for BDS love!

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Hi! I see you everywhere. I feel like there should be some adding going down, y/n? :)

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Same! Plus... I see you support dragons. \o/

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